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Learn about Belltane's Proof of Concept application showing Blockchain in action for Regulators, Hospitals, Medical Schools and Payors to share a distributed ledger of certification to provide healthcare services.

3 Reasons to build blockchain

Blockchain is a distributed data technology that enables business networks to work together in ways that weren't possible before. Blockchain can help businesses reduce multi-party transaction settlement times to near zero, can reduce overheard, and can reduce risk in tampering and collusion. Instead of working in silos, we can now work peer-to-peer in a business network, all collaborating against a shared ledger.

Asset Management

Your business assets, whether physical (servers, networking equipment or laptops) or intangible (software license) are often transferred across your enterprise and out to your supply chain in a series of complex transactions.

Visibility & Speed of Cross-Border Transactions.

Domestic banks managing accounts held in foreign banks and foreign currency (or, Nostro-Vostro accounts) often deal with inefficient, manual, hard-to-track processes. Using a blockchain for global transactions can increase transparency on payments and their status, improve auditability and reporting, and deliver better security.

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